Jack Henry Saga ... Complete

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We first met Jack Henry in the story 'They don't know Jack'. We saw how the Lottery changed not only his life but his family and friends lives forever. We followed him through his adventures in 'Summer Heat' as he got to know his new wife, Abigail as their families joined together. Now we follow Jack through the last chapter in his saga as around every corner, a surprise awaits. Watch how his faith changes not only the people he meets but an entire nation, as he takes us on an unlikely run for the Presidency. Jack shows America why our forefathers chose the motto ""In God we Trust"" as our national motto and what God can do when he's asked to get involved. This is not a book about religion but rather a book about a man that faces the same everyday issues we all face. He knows God but comes to realize he is never alone. God is always there in every event in your life if you just take a second and listen for him.