Autor: Halstead, C M

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Once again Grey's team of seven Trippers travel from 2114 to 2014, although it is only a layover, it is an important one, they would not have been able to complete their previous mission without it!

After that quick task, the Tripper team continues backwards in time; to a period that has them dealing with the spies, espionage and trafficking of the world war one era.

Europe is in turmoil, creating opportunities for those with an entrepreneurial mindset and a flexible moral system. All bets are off as the team does whatever it takes to accomplish a multifaceted mission the world will never know about, but will reap the benefits of, from now till the end of time.

Book Two of The Tripper Series has the time-traveling team of seven once again putting their lives on the line for the greater good. . .or so they think. Full of adventure and suspense, it is a great escape from your daily grind.