King David

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The words in the title, You Are the Man, convicted a deeply guilty King David of the heinous crimes he had committed against Uriah the Hittite, Bathsheba's husband. Yet, in many remarkable ways, David was God's man, chosen and blessed for greatness.

This book tells a story of David's life from the Bible read as literally true. The flowing, easy-to-read narrative observes him progress from shepherd to king to his death. Walking with David through tragedy and triumph makes it easier to see the actual person behind this larger-than-life Bible character.

"A fresh approach to the life of David." Pastor Tim Murdoch

While David's sins and difficulties are not ignored, King David: You Are the Man! highlights several positive events, including some lesser-known ones found only I Chronicles. King David was the man
- whom God chose to be ancient Israel's second king,
- who established daily praise and worship of God in Israel,
- to whom God revealed eternal purposes for His Son and His kingdom,
- who led Israel to an exalted place among the nations,
- to whom God revealed the details of the temple Solomon would build, and
- who organized the priests and Levites in their ministries of worship at that temple.

"I feel as if I am getting to know David, and more than that, his faith. As a woman of faith, it sings to my heart .... I feel as if I am getting to know God better too!" Halin I Soaring

Included in this narration of David's life are
- a history of the Ark of the Covenant,
- a possible timeline of David's life,
- a probe into the disastrous census that David ordered to be taken, (When considering the difficult questions posed by II Samuel 24:1 and I Chronicles 21:1, Pastor Mike Green expressed this credible idea: "I think God was angry with Israel because the tabernacle was in Gibeon.")
- a history of the Levites and their development as God's special servants, and
- several specific life disciplines that made David a man after God's own heart.