Kleronomia: Legacy and Inheritance

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Kleronomi� (kληρονομιά)--meaning legacy, inheritance, or allotment--encapsulates many of Jeffrey Soles's feelings about the modern town and archaeological site of Mochlos in eastern Crete, his relationship with the people of Mochlos, the themes in his scholarship, and his contribution to our understanding of Minoan Crete. In ancient Greek text, kleronomi� was used to describe the amount of land that was allotted or inherited. In many ways, the exploration of Mochlos is Jeff's kleronomi�. His life's work has included both teaching students at The University of North Carolina Greensboro and co-directing with Costis Davaras the excavation of the Minoan town on the islet of Mochlos. The 27 papers presented in this volume in Jeff's honor are a testament to his legacy of scholarship in Aegean Bronze Age archaeology. The papers, which are organized chronologically, harken to the wide range of themes that Jeff has addressed and influenced during his illustrious career: ancestry, burial customs, religion, trade, jewelry, the development of Mochlos, and the rise and fall of Minoan Crete.