Language Patterns in Spanish and Beyond

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The scholarly articles included in this volume represent significant contributions to the fields of formal and descriptive syntax, conversational analysis and speech act theory, as well as language development and bilingualism. Taken together, these studies adopt a variety of methodological techniques--ranging from grammaticality judgments to corpus-based analysis to experimental approaches--to offer rich insights into different aspects of Ibero-Romance grammar.

The volume consists of three sections, organized in accordance with the topics treated in the chapters they comprise. Section I focuses on structural patterns, Section II analyzes pragmatic ones, and Section III investigates the acquisition of linguistic aspects found in the speech of L1, L2 and heritage speakers. The authors address these issues by relying on empirically-rooted linguistic approaches to data collection, which are coupled with current theoretical assumptions on the nature of sentence structure, discourse dynamics and language acquisition.

The volume will be of interest to anyone researching or studying Hispanic and Ibero-Romance Linguistics.