Lazlo Llama - Happiness Handbook

Autor: Lazlo Llama

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Hey, llama. This is my pocket guide to happiness. A collection of stories to help you and your loved ones see life from a fresh perspective. Here's a quick example:


The Grain of Sand

One day, a tiny grain of sand asked a larger grain of sand,

"What is my purpose?"

The large grain smiled a warm smile and looked down at the little grain of sand, with all of its hope.

"You reflect light into the world."

The small flickering silica pondered for a moment, then said,

"I am so small, I can only shine so much."

The large grain, bathed in the warmth of the sun, agreed,


Then the larger grain of sand smiled and put its arm around the tiny grain of sand and added,

"...but when billions of us shine together, this beach looks bright from space."

- Lazlo Llama