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What you hold in your hands is the instruction manual that should have been provided at your birth. While a set of knives may come with ten pages of instructions, and DVD players are documented with epics that would put Tolstoy off, you were previously left without so much as an FAQ to your very existence. Life: A User's Manual will provide you every thing you need to know in order to:

Get out of doing the dishes, forever Run a successful presidential campaign Gain entry into the best pre-school clique Decide if a career in mad science is right for you "From first steps to last breaths, Steve Cullison's Life: A User's Manual comically guides the reader through the ages and stages of one's life. A combination of Douglas Adams and Jack Handy, Life is both written and illustrated with intelligence and a droll tongue-in-cheek sense of humor. A must-read that should be in every kitchen drawer and glove box, and on every bookshelf."
-Benjamin Hesse, author of Memoirs of a Gaijin