Life Now Worth Living

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Do you have any problems or challenges in life that you are struggling with?
Do you have a goal in mind which you would like to achieve and have not yet done so?
Would you like some practical tried-and-tested advice, tools and techniques which could assist you in overcoming your problems and achieving desired goals?

If you are nodding right now, then read A Life Now Worth Living, as that is a sign from your unconscious mind that you are doing the right thing.

A Life Now Worth Living tells the inspirational, thought-provoking and sometimes-emotional story of Ashley Gordon’s personal journey from being an injured military veteran with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) to a master coach, helping other people improve their lives. Co-written with Brian Tregunna, this book shares a deep and personal insight into Ash’s experiences in the army and the problems he faced after returning from two tours of Iraq whilst still a teenager. It charts his moving journey both within the army and after returning to civilian life, and provides a number of tools to improve your life that you can use to:

Let Go
Take Action
Move On.