Little House on the High Plains

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Carl Schneider and his five siblings didn't come from wealth and privilege. They came from an 800-square foot house high on the Llano Estacado, a stretch of plain riddled with canyons at the top of a rock elevation stretching across several states. His parents, a farmer and a schoolteacher, taught him and his five brothers and sisters the value of family, faith, laughter, and love in overcoming hardships like the Great Depression.

Within Little House on the High Plains, each of the siblings (a combined age of 508 years!) records for future generations the stories of their youth together in that small house. From childhood mischief to marriage and military service, you can follow the stories of the cotton seed shower bath, Jelly Bean the pony and the city cousin, Mother sitting on the cellar door, and many more. With every story, you will be glad you visited this Little House on the High Plains.