Logical Creative Thinking Methods

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"Using a new, systematic framework, this illuminating book turns ideation into a task anybody with sound logic and a determination to learn can do, and do well, by separating the process from the outcome. In a competitive marketplace, all firms must constantly innovate to create sustained shareholder value. The main roadblock in innovation is ideation: the identification of value-creating ideas, often seen as the work of innately creative people. This first-of-its-kind textbook demonstrates that anyone can ideate through specific logical processes that require no creativity when used, but generate valuable and creative outcomes. To help students master and apply these methods, the book is filled with innovation examples across many sectors that can be explained and recreated using a specific LCT method. The book also includes exercises that enable readers to practice applying each method to solve real life innovation challenges. Upper-level undergraduate and postgraduate students of innovation, creativity, and new product development will appreciate the demystification of ideation into a problem that can be solved by applying a series of rigorous, defined methods that can be followed without ambiguity"--