Long Non-coding RNAs in Plants

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Long Non-coding RNAs in Plants: Roles in Development and Stress provides the most recent advances in LncRNAs, including identification, characterization, and potential applications and uses. Introductory chapters include the discovery and development of lncRNAs, a comparative analysis of coding versus non-coding lncRNAs, and the role of lncRNAs in abiotic and biotic stress management. The book then provides methodology and protocols for identification and characterization, followed by chapters covering the various different applications of lncRNAs. Written by leading experts, this book is a must-have resource for students and researchers interested in plant science and biotechnology, horticulture, agriculture, and crop science.

Stresses such as heat, cold, drought, heavy metals, UV radiations, bacterial and fungal pathogens, and insect pests largely affect the productivity of various horticultural plants and agricultural crops. However, the ever-increasing human population regularly demands an increase in yield and quality of produce. Long non-coding RNAs are associated with various developmental pathways, regulatory systems, abiotic and biotic stress responses, and signaling, and can provide an alternative strategy for stress management in plants.