Long Way Back

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On February 16, 2016, Charley Boorman suffered a major traffic accident in Portugal. His world crashed down after he smashed his right ankle and causing severe damage to his left fibia and tibia. It was unclear if he would ever walk properly again, let alone ride a motorbike. Charley recounts the ambulance ride, the numerous operations in a Portugese hospital, the medivac flight back to London, and his journey of recovery. As his inability to walk for several months provokes introspection, Boorman recounts his childhood, where his passion for motorbikes began, and the formative influences in his lifeÔÇöfrom his father, a famed director, to his longtime friend Ewan McGregor, and Sean Connery's son Jason, who introduced him to bikes. These touchstones give him strength on the long way back to health.