MacBook in easy steps

Autor: Vandome, Nick

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MacBook in easy steps, 5th edition focuses on this area of mobile computing and contains all of the information you need to use a MacBook for both business and pleasure.

The book looks at the specifications and hardware of MacBooks and details how to get up and running with this attractive, stylish and highly functional laptop. It covers the Mac operating system in detail, including how to use the internet and email, networking and sharing with family members. In order to get the most out of your MacBook there is also a chapter about using it as a fully mobile device, on the road, in the office or on holiday.

MacBook in easy steps, 5th edition covers the new features in the new macOS Sierra operating system, which include:

Siri, Apple's Digital Personal Assistant, is now available in macOS Sierra
The Photos app has improved face, object and subject recognition and the new Memories function groups photos by experiences and can even turn them into movies
Text messages in the Messages app can be created with a wider range of content, including enhanced emojis and full-screen animations
The iTunes interface has been enhanced to fully incorporate Apple Music and it is now easier to find and organize music
Apple Pay, Apple's contactless payment system, can be used for online shopping, using the Safari browser with macOS Sierra
Universal Clipboard. This function enables you to copy an item on your Mac and then paste it into another Apple device, such as an iPhone or an iPad, if they are using iOS 10
iCloud Drive has been enhanced so that it can be used to store the Desktop and Documents folders from your Mac, thus making them available on other compatible devices