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Fascinated by the art of modeling? Meet the form that paved the way for our modern-day runway.

Ever wondered what goes into making those storefront dolls? Curious about the inspiration for draping dresses over full-scale dummies? Obsessed with all things top model? Award-winning photographer and designer Brandy Isadora specializes in capturing the history of the artistic and fashion worlds. Now she's here to unveil the fascinating origins of one of the clothing industry's most overlooked and essential tools.

Mannequins: Stories of the First Supermodel is a vibrant collection of pictures and accounts to explore the significant statues that predated names like Twiggy, Cindy Crawford, and Gigi Hadid. Stunningly immortalized with breathtaking photography, you'll be delightfully entertained with absorbing anecdotes and titillating tidbits. Embarking on this captivating visual journey, you'll meet the influential artists who forever changed the design world.

This is the chronicle of the carefully crafted figures that made way for the human catwalk.

Mannequins: Stories of the First Supermodel is a must-have book for anyone looking to expand their vogue knowledge. If you like fun fashion facts, gorgeous photos, and striking narratives, then you'll love Brandy Isadora's trendy tale.

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