Marcel Duchamp: The Curatorial Work

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Marcel Duchamp's disguises and countless photographic self-portrayals, and his humorous commentaries on art, the art industry, art criticism, and art history, are legendary in word and image. Less well known is a Marcel Duchamp who, with great empathy and strategic awareness, embraced the cause of the artists in his contemporary cultural environment: as curator of exhibitions from the early 1910s to his death in 1968, as juror and consultant for some of the most important collections, museums, and galleries of modern art.┬áThe volume outlines nearly seventy exhibitions, supplemented by recent research findings, and┬áillustrates DuchampÔÇÖs close cooperation with leading figures of his time, including Louise and Walter Conrad Arensberg, Katherine S. Dreier, Francis Picabia, Sidney and Harriet Janis as well as Andre┬┤ Breton, Julien Levy, and Peggy Guggenheim.