Marco's Journey and Other Stories

Autor: Peredo, S P

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Hints of S.P. Peredo’s Mexican American upbringing appear in Marco’s Journey and Other Stories as he draws from personal experiences to present rich characters in diverse geographical settings: the scientist traveling through the majestic mountains of Southeastern Mexico befriends an unlikely group of strangers, thus starting his own personal journey of self-discovery; a young traveler who in 1970 ventures behind the iron curtain finding love—and danger; the girl with recurring dreams about a spider’s web struggles for her sanity; the boy with a poet’s heart growing up in America during the Vietnam War fears he is running out of time; a lover left behind during the war writes her heartfelt letter of farewell; the caricaturesque Mexican musician who, through his performance, gives his listeners a reprieve from their sadness.

These well-crafted stories, imbued with vivid imagery, lead readers through their own journey to discover the meaning of success, love, and living life to its fullest potential.