Mark of the Wiseman

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Descriere RO

Growing a human in a glass globe is a bad idea. And it's illegal. William Wiseman, a celebrated geneticist tucked away in the small town of Bermuda Run, North Carolina, is obsessed with giving his childless wife a any means. When the feds show up, it shakes his confidence in a trusted accomplice, Fai Chang- and in himself. Agent Roswell from Homeland Security is keeping an eye on the good doctor. The general public is enamored with William. Agent Roswell is not. He knows William has a secret and it's only a matter of time until it's exposed. Iris Meesang, an illegal from Laos, makes an involuntary trip to the United States. She's sick, frightened, and the only two people she trusts hate each other. A domino effect ensues that ultimately leads to peculiar new life, untimely demise, and an unexpected alliance.