MaryDonna Mississippi

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MaryDonna McCoy never realised that she was poor until her classmates began to tell her. Despite the lack of money in her family, MaryDonna knew that she was loved and cared for by her momma and daddy. And to her, that made up for the lack of funds. Her ability to find adventure was never lacking and she often found herself in compromising situations. Nonetheless, she grabbed her inner tube every chance that she could and went down to the river to float her cares away. MaryDonnaÔÇÖs curiosity found her intertwined with the local eccentric woman whose story carried a great deal of gossip and mystery, while her budding relationship with her best friend, Rodney, continued to surprise her.

MaryDonna Mississippi is a tale of love and loss, adventure and intrigue. In a world where identity is muddled by poverty, MaryDonna finds a way to rise above the weight of her challenges in order to survive. This is a story about simply persisting to exist.