Master's Daughter

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Augustus came from the family of freed slaves who worked for the Panama Canal Project in Barbados. While on their voyage to the area for the project, Gus met Lenny, a fellow recruit for the Panama Canal work. Lenny and Gus became very good friends that they promised each other to take care of their respective finances and savings when one of them meets life's end due to the danger posed by their work.
Dr. Peter Grant and his family moved to St. Vincent in the Caribbean, from Scotland and started a sugarcane plantation. The Caribbean was the perfect place for her sick wife's condition. Their daughter, Elizabeth, meets Gus while he was running errands for his father. The two young individuals start to kindle an affair that will create a rift between Elizabeth and her family. Will Elizabeth and Gus's love prosper against all odds?
A story about friendship, family, sacrifice, and love, The Master's Daughter will take you on a journey that will want you to read more.