Mastering the Hire

Autor: Booker, Chaka

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Making the wrong hiring decision can cost companies over $40,000 per hire and countless lost hours, yet statistics show that half of the time, the hire proves to be the wrong fit. Chaka Booker has developed a system that will increase the odds of hiring the right person for the right job from 50% to over 90%.

No one knows with 100% certainty that the person in front of them is the right person for the job, but with the right strategies and preparation, the odds of successfully making that determination go up exponentially.

The interview is the cornerstone of the hiring process, yet the short amount of time hiring managers have with candidates hardly allows for employers to truly get to know them and what makes them tick. Mastering the Hire applies scientific research and experience from thousands of interviews to develop a system that increases the likelihood of a successful hire by over 40%.

In this book, readers will learn:

Methods that allow interviewers to minimize irrelevant information and maximize their allotted time with each candidate.
Tools that will help them and their teams remove bias from the hiring process.
How to craft and deliver questions that draw the most useful information from candidates about their backgrounds and abilities.
The four competencies needed in any role and how to effectively assess for them.
How to conduct a reimagined and successful interview process with participation from other team members and executives in the company.
Making a successful hire isn’t about certainty--it’s about using every tool within reach to shift the odds in your favor.