Modern Techniques of Raising Field Crops

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The author describes modern management practices with respect to 38 major crops of the country comprising cereals, millets, pulses, oilseeds, fibre crops, forage and sugar crops. The various aspects of the crop cultivation relate to the origin and history, area and distribution of the crops in world, botanical description of crop plants, varieties, soil, climatic requirements, cropping systems, seed and sowing, manures and fertilizers, water management, weed control, diseases, pest control, etc. Description of high-yielding varieties of crops finds important place in the chapters.

Suitable varieties and hybrids for different agroclimatic zones have been mentioned along with their main characteristics. In respect of pest and disease control the outward signs of the disease or attack, their mode of spreading and the latest control measures get prominence in descriptions. All the latest research findings in various aspects of crop production have been incorporated in the text. The book contains the latest, authoritative and readily usable information on improved farming techniques for stepping up crop productivity.