Music Therapy Techniques That Will Encourage Learning for ASD Children and Adults!

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This how-to guide explains the research-based Rancer Method for identifying perfect pitch and teaching music to those with this ability. Having perfect pitch is the ability of a person to identify or recreate a given musical note without the benefit of a reference tone. This auditory phenomenon is rare, but studies show a high correlation between autism and perfect pitch. Music Therapy Techniques that Will Encourage Learning in ASD Children and Adults covers the concepts of perfect pitch and the neurology behind it, as well as savants, cognition and perception, mathematics, and reading comprehension. This material can potentially serve to reform the curriculum for the numerous professional fields that can potentially reach a person with perfect pitch. With this guide, music educators can tailor the lessons for the student's benefit, and music therapists can tap into the unidentified gifts of their clients through techniques detailed here. Parents can find clarity on the curiosities they observe in their children, while those with perfect pitch can better understand the qualities of their exceptionalities and find answers to the many questions they never knew they could ask.