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Myth of Community


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This book aims to provoke discussion about current participatory approaches and to improve the understanding and practice of these approaches.

The widespread take-up of participatory approaches among governments, NGOs and other organizations across the development sector has created a need for quality assurance and evaluation into the methods used. "The Myth of Community" addresses this need by critically assessing how women can be involved more appropriately and equally in participatory approaches and how gender issues can be tackled more meaningfully.

Containing a rich array on contributions from Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe, The Myth of Community provides a variety of viewpoints and perspectives from those most closely involved in participatory approaches to development.

The contributors discuss the importance of conceptual clarity, appropriate methods and methodologies, and supportive organizations and institutional structures.

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EdituraITDG Publishing
Dimensiuni229 x 150 x 17
Data Publicarii01/01/1998
Editie1988 ed.
FormatPaperback / softback
Numar pagini308
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