Notorious Crimes of the Upper Midwest

Autor: Baker, Tom

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Descriere RO

Tour the Upper Midwest to explore the blood-soaked halls of hideous history through twenty dark and demented stories from the corridors of criminal infamy. This expose of true crime examines a historical roster of the bad and the brutal: from old-time con men and gunslingers, to hardcore serial killers of the modern era. Meet the redoubtable Ed Gein; the haunting and harrowing Honeymoon Killers; the "Gruesome Gal of the Western Plains," Calamity Jane; Wild Bill Hickok; serial sex killer John Norman Collins; Al Capone; Carl Panzram; the Lonelyhearts Killers; Larry Eyler; Teena Brandon; Gwendolyn Graham; George Lester; Babyface Nelsen; John Dillinger; Raymond Fernandez and Martha Beck; Larry Hall; Tricia Lynn Reitler; Jason and Kimberly Tuzinski; and Frank Gilmer--villains that will leave you infuriated and intrigued at their infernal notoriety. Join the author on a round-up of the rotten as you take a thrill-ride of historic significance in a world gone mad.