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Oncoplastic and Reconstructive Breast Surgery


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Oncoplastic and reconstructive surgery combines the most up-to-date techniques in plastic surgery with surgery for breast cancer, providing optimal oncologic and aesthetic results by means of a single procedure. This book demonstrates why oncoplastic surgery represents such an exciting tool for surgeons who undertake breast surgery. Fundamental principles and basic concepts are clearly outlined, and diverse techniques are presented by acknowledged experts from across the world. The emphasis is very much on a "how to do" approach, with detailed guidance and advice on the various techniques. The informative text is supported by a wealth of color illustrations, and accompanying videos of procedures are available via the publisher's website. Reconstructive Breast Cancer Surgery will serve as an ideal reference work that will help surgical fellows and specialists to learn about indications and selection of patients, to master technical skills, and to manage complications effectively.

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EdituraSpringer International Publishing AG
Dimensiuni222 x 295 x 39
Data Publicarii25/06/2019
Numar pagini850
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Recenzati:Oncoplastic and Reconstructive Breast Surgery
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