Pass On My Greetings to Jenny

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There is a very deep sense of gratitude that I have kept in my heart, a gratitude that I cannot describe in words. I promise in my heart that someday I will come to meet her, to convey my gratitude and I really want to repay her kindness.

Now I have been waiting too long, for seven years, but there’s no chance to meet her and that hope is only stored in my heart, I don’t know for how long.

One morning when I woke up from my sleep, I stood in front of the mirror. I saw there was one grey hair and I realised that I was old. Then I asked myself, if today I die without the slightest amount of time to fix anything, what would I regret the most? My answer was; I will be sorry because I haven’t had the chance to meet Jenny to convey my gratitude.

I wrote this book, because I did not know when would I meet her. If I would never have time to express my gratitude to her, at least through this book I have already conveyed it.

Jenny is a beautiful old woman who helped me that night, the night I was struggling. Not even one person was by my side, even I could not help myself. Thank you, Jenny. If you were not there, I might have had a miscarriage, or I might had died.