Peers and Politics, c. 1650 - 1850

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A collection of essays in honour of Clyve Jones who has made an incomparable contribution to our understanding of the history of the Westminster house of lords - its politics, procedures and business - and to the history of the English and Scottish peerage more generally

Written in tribute by friends and fellow historians of the Lords Examines aspects of the political activities and social lives of the peerage between c. 1650 and c. 1850, following up many of the themes re´Čéected in Clyve's own writings A particular focus on the period between the Glorious Revolution and the fall of Walpole, with several articles on the Scottish contingent in the Upper House Also stretches well into the 19th century with subjects discussed not only parliamentary management, but the electioneering activities of aristocratic magnates, and the contribution of aristocratic women to the political world of late Stuart England