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Perfect Wives in Ideal Homes

Autor: Nicholson, Virginia

Disponibilitate: Livrare in 2-4 saptamani (nu se afla in stoc, dar poate fi adus de la furnizorii nostri in 2-4 saptamani)

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Tells the story of women in the 1950s: a time before the Pill, when divorce spelled scandal and two-piece swimsuits caused mass alarm. This book reconstructs the real 1950s, through the eyes of those who lived it. It takes you back in time to when our grandmothers scrubbed their doorsteps, cared for their families, laughed, loved and struggled.

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AutorNicholson, Virginia
EdituraPenguin Books Ltd
Dimensiuni130 x 198 x 38
Data Publicarii03/03/2016
FormatPaperback / softback
Numar pagini560
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