Psychoanalysis from the Inside Out

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In the face of considerable scepticism over the function and e´ČÇectiveness of psychoanalysis, Lena Ehrlich demonstrates how analysis is unique in its potential to transform patients at an emotionally cellular level by helping them access and process long-standing con´Čéicts and traumatic experiences.

Using detailed clinical vignettes, the author illustrates that when analysts practice from the inside out, i.e. consider that external obstacles to initiating and deepening an analysis inevitably re´Čéect analysts' fears of their internal world and of intimacy, they become better able to speak to patients' long-term su´ČÇering.

This book, free from psychoanalytic jargon, stands out in its ability to help readers feel more e´ČÇective, con´Čüdent, and optimistic about practicing psychoanalysis by providing insights and recommendations about beginning and deepening analysis and sustaining oneself as an analyst over time. It will appeal to both beginners and experienced analysts, as well as supervisors, educators, and those interested in the workings of their minds and in building more intimate relationships.