Psychology of Fake News

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This volume examines the phenomenon of fake news by bringing together leading experts from different fields within psychology and related areas, and explores what has become a prominent feature of public discourse since the first Brexit referendum and the 2016 US election campaign.

Dealing with misinformation is important in many areas of daily life, from politics and the marketplace to health communication, journalism, education, and science. At a time when facts and misinformation blur, and are intentionally blurred, this book asks what determines whether people accept and share (mis)information, and what can be done to counter misinformation? Experts from psychology and related behavioural sciences summarize key empirical findings, theories, and applications, and discuss cuttingÔÇÉedge ideas. They shed light on what contributes to the acceptance and the sharing of fake news, and emphasize the critical role of online social networks in recent years.

Their insights provide guidance on how to handle misinformation in an age of "alternative facts," making this book a fascinating and vital reading for students, academics, and practitioners in psychology, education, communication, journalism, public health, policy making, and political science.