Public Sector Accountants and Quantum Leap: How Far We Can Survive in Industrial Revolution 4.0?

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The Industrial Revolution 4.0 will not only cause job losses, but will also create new workspaces that may not exist today. It also needs to be considered by accountants in government because the processes of budget planning, budget execution, and financial reporting have used a large number of information systems. In the era of the Industrial Revolution 4.0, the changes will be faster, marked by the emergence of such systems as supercomputers, smart robots, cloud computing, big data systems, genetic engineering and the development of neurotechnology that allows humans to optimize brain function further. Industrial Revolution 4.0 will disrupt the accounting profession. This proceedings provides selected papers/research on government accounting, accountability and integrity public sector accounting, financial accounting, accounting information system, auditing and assurance, corporate sustainability, forensic and management accounting, public and corporate finance, taxation and customs, open innovation in public sector accounting. The proceedings provide details beyond what is possible to be included in an oral presentation and constitute a concise but timely medium for the dissemination of recent research results. It will be invaluable to professionals and academics in the field of accounting, finance and the public sector to get an understanding of recent research.