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Do we have a choice about whom we love?

Are some people just easier to love than others?

What shapes our lives…fate or choice? Or the lies that people tell us?

Asking questions about the nature of love, the power of guilt and the fragility that comes with being human, Real? confronts questions of equality, not only in the workplace, but in every aspect of life.

Set in London predominantly and Yorkshire occasionally, Real? revolves around a young woman, Frances, whose body, marriage and life are slowly and painfully disintegrating.

And all because she chose the wrong man when she was seventeen. Or so she thinks.

When that ‘other’ man steps back into her life, a wealthy and successful businessman, she resolves to turn back time and seize hold of the life that was meant for her – his life, in fact. But is that life real? Is he? What does ‘real’ mean anyway? Frances, both deeply flawed and desperately fragile, tries to reinvent herself but for what and for whom? And won’t life trip her up anyway?