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Recharge: The Ultimate EV Travel Guide for Europe


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Open the car door, get in, drive off. And drive on. And on, and explore the world. Who doesn't dream of such an adventure? Mr & Mrs T have lived it, giving up everything to start a new sustainable life on the road in their Tesla.

Sustainability, climate protection, saving resources: we hear these concepts every day. So, too, do we hear of those free spirits who quit their regular day-to-day lives, leave everything behind, and set off to explore the world. Mr & Mrs T show us just how to combine such personal freedom with a sustainable planet: electromobility.

In 2016, the pair bought an electric car. Two years later, they quit their jobs, closed the door on their apartment, said goodbye to their family and friends, and embarked on an electric driving adventure around the world. They are still travelling today, sharing their impressions and tips on their popular website.

The #recharge edition presents the best of the couple's eco adventures through Europe. With an informative section on e-mobility and charging technology, as well as route planning and accommodation recommendations, it is a fantastic guide for anyone looking into sustainable travel in Europe. E-mobility is here, and with a new kind of sustainable tourism that's as good for the natural world we admire, as it is for us.

Ralf Schwesinger and Nicole Wanner had good positions with renowned Swiss companies, but the purchase of a Tesla completely changed their lives. The opportunity to experience the world on electric wheels combined with their spirit of adventure led the couple to embark on an e-mobility world tour, crafting a unique sustainable travel guide along the way. The couple visit each documented hotel themselves, for authentic firsthand recommendations.

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Data Publicarii 06/01/2020
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