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Religious and Ethnic Revival in a Chinese Minority

Autor: Yongjia, Liang (National University of Singapore)

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This book is based on anthropological fieldwork among the Bai, an ethnic minority with a population of two million in Dali, southwest China. It explores the religious and ethnic revival in the last two decades against a historical background. It explains why and how religions and ethnic identity are revived in contemporary China, with the revived analytical concept of "alterity", which suggests a world beyond here and now. The book focuses on the particular institutions and ritual technologies that seek for access to the invisible, transcendental other--both spatial and temporal. It covers a variety of topics, including pre-modern kingship, modern utopia, religious alterity, ethnic identity, religious associations, the Intangible Cultural Heritage, and temple restorations.

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AutorYongjia, Liang (National University of Singapore)
EdituraTaylor & Francis Ltd
Dimensiuni189 x 249 x 15
Data Publicarii08/06/2018
Numar pagini176
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Recenzati:Religious and Ethnic Revival in a Chinese Minority
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