Restoring the Integrity of His Name: Jesus

Autor: Smith, Darryl

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The Christian community and believers in the Lord Jesus Christ have been given the responsibility of defending and upholding the integrity of the greatest name given among men. The world, even the church institution, seems to have ignored, overlooked, minimized, or simply taken for granted that God transformed Himself to be the most influential and significant entity to walk the earth in the person of Jesus Christ.
Restoring the Integrity of His Name is a book that addresses the maladies of the church, and encourages the church back to a renewed reverence of God, restoration of Christian values and conduct, worship, family, leadership, and lifestyle integrity as those who are called of God. This book is an excellent resource for church or ministry formation and Christian education and development.
Darryl Smith's hope and prayer is that through God's anointing and grace, this book will inspire others to join efforts of restoring right paths to walk in by restoring the integrity of Jesus' name.