Rikki Fulton's Reverend I.M.Jolly

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Just when you thought it was safe to go back to church again, he's back. As HM's Church of Scotland minister, Jolly is in residence at Balmoral. You can tell because the flag's at half-mast. But when Jolly's fair midden, Ephesia, wrecks the Braemar Highland Games, the Church sends him off on a secret mission. This is Jolly as we've never seen him - laughing at danger, saving the world and a total babe magnet...Sorry, that's 007. This is Jolly as we've always seen him - hiding from danger, saving his pocket money and with a Mickey Mouse magnet on his fridge. Not so much mean, moody and magnificent as morbid, miserable and morose, with a permanent drip on his nose. Jolly's back. And this time he means business.