Routledge Companion to Race and Ethnicity

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The concepts of race and ethnicity are complex and have powerful implications for social grouping, identity formation and maintenance, and governance. This volume presents multiple perspectives on themes related to issues central to race and ethnicity from a variety of academic fields. The second edition of The Routledge Companion to Race and Ethnicity includes updated primary chapters and new A-Z entries for concepts such as Brexit and #BlackLivesMatter that have emerged since the first edition was published.

Starting with an examination of the history and origins of race as a construct, through discussions of whiteness; colonization; public policy; social movements; immigration; globalization; the intersection of race, gender and sexuality; and popular culture, leading scholars offer insight into the challenges that have resulted from White supremacy and oppression through the lens of racial and ethnic classification. The first half of the book presents ten essays by political scientists, communication scholars, an education scholar and experts in global studies. The second half features shorter entries on some seventy concepts related to understanding race and ethnicity from a global and multi-disciplinary perspective, including work by historians, anthropologists, sociologists and psychologists, among others. All entries are followed by a list of key readings.

The global and multidisciplinary approach of this volume makes it a vital addition to the reading list for any course centering on race and ethnicity. Contributors are some of the most well-respected scholars in their fields, yet they write in an accessible and inviting way that is digestible for novice readers and still engaging for advanced students.