Russian Doll

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Descriere RO

Beautiful and multi talented Aasha Pavlova is half Russian and half Indian and, more than anything else, just wants her life to be ÔÇśnormal'; something it will never be as she lives in the chaotic and sometimes farcical world of Russian intelligence. Suddenly transferred to England to take part in an urgent operation, she again meets the mysterious and dangerous Anna Nabiullina, who has an irresistible sexual hold over her. The mission unfolds to reveal a well organised conspiracy which could tip Russia and the West into all out war. Aasha also discovers shocking details about her own past, which propel her towards uncontrollable events which change her life forever in ways she could never have imagined.
Between stately homes in Cheshire to clandestine flights to France, a mad shopping spree in Cannes and managing escape several attempts on her life, Aasha also finds love in this nail biting and sometimes hilarious novel.