Secret History of STASI Spy Cameras: 1945-1989

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This lavishly illustrated and authoritative book presents the secret history of Stasi and Warsaw Pact subminiature spy cameras used during the Cold War. It is a history that could have been written only through the collaboration of veteran Stasi technical intelligence officers and the world's foremost historians on Cold War spy cameras and tradecraft. With more than 450 photographs, the book reveals the history, development, and operational use of more than 70 secret cameras as used by one of the world's most formidable intelligence services--East German Stasi, or MfS--for secretly copying documents, and for surveillance and compromise. Every major camera system used by the Stasi is covered. A bonus at the end of the book is an exhaustive glossary of Stasi and Warsaw Pact photographic systems and optical devices. This book is a must-have for camera collectors, military enthusiasts, historians, and counterintelligence officers.