Severe Sepsis Care in the Emergency Department, An Issue of Emergency Medicine Clinics of North America

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Drs. John C. Perkins and Michael E. Winters have assembled an expert team of authors on the topic of Sepsis in the Emergency Department. Article topics include: Defining and Diagnosing Sepsis; Appropriate Antibiotic Therapy; Severe Sepsis Resuscitation in Resource Limited Settings; Source Control in Severe Sepsis; Considerations in Special Populations with Severe Sepsis; Pediatric Severe Sepsis Resuscitation; The New Usual Care; Prehospital Sepsis Care; Endpoints of Sepsis Resuscitation; Pitfalls in the Diagnosis, Treatment, and Disposition of Severe Sepsis; Biomarkers in Sepsis; Vasopressors and Inotropes in Sepsis; and Sepsis Quality Measures and Performance Improvement.