Sheffield at Work

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Sheffield has been dubbed ‘Steel City’ but it is much more than that. England's fourth largest city grew prodigiously during the nineteenth century as a result of industrial expansion. But for centuries before that it had had a national reputation for its industrial products. A Sheffield knife was as familiar as a Cornish pasty or Worcester sauce is today. During the nineteenth century the light steel trades continued to flourish and were joined by a completely new industry, heavy steel making and heavy engineering. This transformed the former mainly rural lower Don valley to the east of the old town. Today, Sheffield is a prime example of a post-industrial city. Its two universities attract more than 60,000 students to the city every year; the lower Don valley, described in the 1970s as an industrial wasteland, is now crowded with edge-of-town shopping, entertainment and sporting destinations. The Heart of the City scheme has also helped to modernise the city centre. But manufacturing continues: Sheffield Forgemasters supplies forged and cast steel to the engineering, nuclear and petro-chemical industries worldwide; Liberty Steel at Stocksbridge roduces special steels for the aerospace, oil and automotive industries; and another Sheffield engineering firm constructed the roof on Wimbledon Centre Court in 2009. At the other end of the scale individual craftsmen, known for centuries locally as ‘little mesters’, still produce bespoke knives in small workshops.Sheffield At Work explores the life of the city and its people, from pre-industrial beginnings through to the present day in a fascinating series of old and new photographs and illustrations.