Shield Construction Techniques in Tunnelling

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Shield Construction Techniques in Tunnelling presents the latest on this fast, environmentally-friendly and relatively safe construction technique, reflecting on its technical risks and challenges as seen in China. Sections introduce the type of shields, the history of the technique, shielding principles, selection, management, the latest techniques in operation, consider engineering cases, discuss construction in gravel, soft-soil, composite, and rock strata, and present video clips of construction that are accessible through QR codes embedded in the text. The book combines theory and practical experience, giving the reader unique insights into shield equipment and construction techniques.

The shield tunnelling technique is being used very widely, particularly in China, which is building urban-rail transit systems at an unparalleled scale and speed. The use of tunnelling-shields provides a fast, relatively-safe, and ecologically-friendly method for the construction of tunnels. However, a number of incidents have shown the risks involved in tunnelling through geologically complex areas.