Sitting Together

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An all-in-one set to implement a family meditation course, regardless of your tradition or level of experience.

This three-volume set provides a complete curriculum for adults and children to learn about mindfulness, meditation, and Buddhist teachings together, either in the home, in partnership with other families, or with a local center.Ā 

The Adult Study Guide Ā (280 pages) offers thirty-six lesson plans including meditation practices, homework, readings, and reflection questions for group study.Ā 

The Childrenā€™s Lesson PlansĀ (296 pages), used in conjunction with theĀ Adult Study Guide, provides step-by-step instructions for teachers on meditation exercises, stories, crafts, songs, and games.Ā 

The Activity Book Ā (136 pages) is a perfect companion to enhance the childrenā€™s education with over 50 coloring pages, puzzles, and other fun activities.

This comprehensive curriculum for adults and children ages 3ā€“12 has five units on meditation, kindness, ethics, character, and service. It is perfect for any family, Dharma center, yoga studio, or religious, educational, or community organization that wants to incorporate a mindfulness program for children and their families.Ā 

To fully implement the Children's Lesson PlansĀ some additional materials will be needed, such as inexpensive arts and craft supplies, download of children's songs, and children's storybooks, often available in libraries.

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