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Smart Grid


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Smart Grid: Networking, Data Management, and Business Models delivers a comprehensive overview of smart grid communications, discussing the latest advances in the technology, the related cyber security issues, and the best ways to manage user demand and pricing.

Comprised of 16 chapters authored by world-renowned experts, this book:

Considers the use of cognitive radio and software-defined networking in the smart grid Explores the space of attacks in the energy management process, the need for a smart grid simulator, and the management issues that arise around smart cities Describes a real-time pricing scheme that aims to reduce the peak-to-average load ratio Explains how to realize low-carbon economies and the green smart grid through the pervasive management of demand Presents cutting-edge research on microgrids, electric vehicles, and energy trading in the smart grid
Thus, Smart Grid: Networking, Data Management, and Business Models provides a valuable reference for utility operators, telecom operators, communications engineers, power engineers, electric vehicle original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), electric vehicle service providers, university professors, researchers, and students.

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EdituraTaylor & Francis Inc
Dimensiuni241 x 162 x 31
Data Publicarii24/03/2016
Numar pagini424
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