Autor: Wassmer, J

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‘Dear family, try not to worry… I’m okay. I’m so sorry to leave you this way but I knew you wouldn’t let me go. We all know that my memory is fading, and I still have some things I need to do. We’ve had many wonderful years together, and I will always treasure them. I am going on a journey to a place filled with friends who are waiting for me. They will take good care of me and I’ve wanted to visit for a long time. I’ve gathered a few things to give to you.

All my love,

Grandma Edie’

As if seventh grade isn’t already complicated enough, Evan’s eccentric grandma is gone, leaving behind a note and several keepsakes. When Evan tries drawing with an old-fashioned pen she left for him, his drawings magically come to life. With the help of his best friends, twins Taye and Tia, he must learn to govern his little world of characters called Smudge. This fast-paced adventure will have you cheering along as Evan explores the endless possibilities of using his imagination to solve problems and make Smudge the hidden world of his dreams.