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Descriere RO

Olivia Ryan lived a quiet life tucked away in the Appalachian mountains of east Tennessee. Quiet that is, until the dreams returned; dark foretelling dreams that she didn't understand and couldn't turn off. It was horrifying to watch the sanctity of her tiny safe harbor breached as her nightmares began to unfold a plague of death on the good people of Tailor's Mountain. As if that wasn't enough to ravel every threadbare nerve - enter Nikolas Riggs and Tristan Rilz. Nikolas was so perfect with his soft blonde hair and black eyes. Everything about him made her feel like she was lost in a beautiful, romantic fairy tale. Then there was Tristan; long black hair and electric blue eyes. He was like fire! A white hot fire that left her smoldering and weak. She could not pull away from either... she couldn't find the strength to choose. She was drawn to both men like a moth to a deadly flame. They would pull her into a world where fantasy is reality and danger... commonplace. Journey with Olivia into the dark world of Kardaun. A world of kings and prophecies, filled with opulence and destruction. A world where she must pay a price for her choices and the cost of survival may very well be her soul!