Sports Media History

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This research collection explores the ongoing interaction between sport, media, and society throughout important periods in history, from the 19th Century to the present day. It examines both historical moments and broader trends in sport, with an emphasis on the media's role.

Encompassing a variety of research approaches and perspectives, the book looks at the individuals, mass media outlets and communication technologies that have affected societies on a global scale, including print, photography, broadcast (radio and television), Internet-based media, and public relations/marketing. It presents fascinating new case studies covering topics as diverse as sport journalism and the Third Reich; Argentina at the Mexico World Cup; post-9/11 sports reporting; Martina Navratilova and women's tennis; the growth of fantasy sport; and the significance of Joe Louis and Jackie Robinson in the history of US sports reporting.

This is essential reading for any researcher, student or media professional with an interest in the relationships between sport, culture and society, or in the history of media, culture or technology.