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Laneen Haniah has a special heart for today's youth because of the struggles she faced as a teen. Peer pressure, troubles at home and a past of childhood molestation led to a very troubled teen and young adult life for Laneen. She started having sex at an early age and was eventually led into a life of stripping and prostitution. In this book Laneen shares how unrestrained sexual activity caused her to make wrong choices. She also talks about the spiritual side of sex and how illicit sexual behavior can lead to negative personality changes. Laneen talks about promiscuity and the spiritual and emotional dangers of sex that no condom can protect you from. Sex looks a lot differently when viewed through spiritual eyes. This book is written to make people change how they look at sex and provokes you to think about sex on a spiritual level and not just as a physical act. While this book is ideal for teenagers and young adults, readers of all ages will benefit from the information that is shared in this book. Sex is valuable and once you realize how powerful sex really is you will no longer take it so lightly! Get enlightened about the deeper truths of sex in this RAW and REAL book that will make you laugh and make you think! No holds barred; nothing held's THE TRUTH ABOUT SEX!!! From the book..."...It suddenly dawned on me that he had not come out just to talk. No horny, teenage boy is going to take a 30-minute walk just to talk!...I didn't understand that having sex would enslave me the way that it did...What most people don't realize is that SEX CHANGES YOUR LIFE. It doesn't change it just a little bit either..."