Storm over Guantanamo

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The peaceful Caribbean erupts in a whirlwind of coded messages, political fanaticism, and superstition as John Wiley, a dive-master with secrets, plays a deadly game of chess with Iranian and North Korean-sponsored terrorists. Their goal appears to be the release of the detainees held at Guantanamo. Dead bodies floating in the bay, mysterious mala beads, and rumblings in Jamaica's "Cockpit Country" place both the naval base and the island on high alert.A hastily assembled team of quirky intelligence operatives piece together clues from South Korea, Jamaica, and Central Asia. Aided by a diverse group of GTMO residents, the ghostly "jumbies" of Jamaican folklore, and the U.S. Navy, John races to check the enemy.Two women provide vital information. He hates Song Kim of the Seoul Metropolitan Police, but relies on his friend, "The Puzzle Mistress". The two women work together as they provide the GTMO team with clues and secretly search for a missing child.Along the way, John plays tricks on his enemies, hears GTMO tales, and finds the object his heard desires.