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Story Time Success

Autor: Fitzgerald, Katie

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Story time is a popular activity in public libraries. Unfortunately, many librarians (and not just children's librarians) are thrust into the role of providing this service have not taken a course or had the necessary experience of performing story times. Story times are so popular that they are now offered to children of many ages, not just to preschoolers. This book will help librarians who have never done story time to learn to promote, plan, and perform story times, and will be useful to experienced librarians to build on their story time repertoires. Because story times are essential components of library service to children and in such demand, in many libraries, even librarians who have never done story time before are being asked to step into that role.

Story Time Success: A Practical Guide for Librarians is comprehensive handbook which can help any librarian learn to promote, plan, and perform story times even with no prior training or experience. Key elements include:

- Customizable planning templates
- Hints for choosing appropriate books and other materials
- Suggestions for overcoming performance anxiety
- Troubleshooting for common story time problems and pitfalls
- Evaluation rubrics for performers and supervisors

Veterans and beginners alike will find many useful pointers for establishing and improving their story time skills and repertoires.

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AutorFitzgerald, Katie
EdituraRowman & Littlefield
Dimensiuni210 x 279 x 20
Data Publicarii27/06/2016
Numar pagini186
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